How Much is Social Security Paying to SSI Recipients in 2010?

Generally, Supplemental Security Income benefits are increased every year.  Sadly, this year, Social Security is not increasing SSI benefits. SSI benefits will stay at $674 for individuals and $1,011 for couples.

Increases in SSI (for individuals) over the past few years:

  • 2002: $545 
  • 2003: $552 
  • 2004: $564 
  • 2005: $579 
  • 2006: $603 
  • 2007: $623 
  • 2008: $637 
  • 2009: $674

This is the first time ever that SSI benefits have not increased!

For more information about disability insurance benefits (SSDI) and the COLA for 2010, see our previous post, Will There Be a Cost of Living Adjustment for 2010?



  1. In the past week folks in Pennsylvania have received notice that Pennylvania is decreasing their contribution to Social Security benefits by what comes to about $5.30 decrease per month for folks on SSI I did the math and this brings it to about $63.50 per year that folks who were told they qualified for specific amount in benefits will be losing (varies from person to person) and now they are being told that despite qualifying for a certain amount they are not going to receive the ammount they were told they qualified for by no fault of their own. The amount for a single individual paid by Pennsylvania was $27.40 per month, and as of February 1, 2010, I have been notified that the amount I will be receiving will now be $22.10 I have NEVER heard of this happening before. I found your blog entry, because of a google alert I set up to detect “SSI” in anything posted to google. I am the sole person behind the Pennsylvania Mental Health Issues blog, and am working to gather info through the media and other resources for my readers about both this topic and also the announcment yesterday to close Allentown State Hospital by December 31. I plan on getting a scanned copy of the notice I received from my County Assistance office about the reduction posted on the blog, though for privacy reasons my personal info like name address, case number and such is going to be omitted I’m sure you can understand the resoning ther, but at any rate feel free to visit my blog it should be getting filled with all sorts of info as time progresses.

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