What Are My Chances of Winning My Disability Case?

This is a question we often get from new clients.

Stastically, only about 30-35% of people who apply in Colorado get approved right away.

But for your specific case, the answer is that it is difficult to say without seeing your file.  There are many variables that go into winning a Social Security case. A few we look at when we first get a file are:

  • Are all of your medical records in your file? (The more complete your file is, the better your chances are)
  • What conditions are making you disabled? (Some conditions are more likely to get you approved)
  • Do you meet a listing? (If you do, you’re very likely to get approved without having to go to a hearing)
  • How often are you seeing the doctor? (The more you see the doctor, the better your chances are)
  • Are your conditions and limitations being documented? (The more documentation you have, the better your chances are)
  • Do any of your doctors seem supportive of your claim for disability benefits? What additional information can we get from your doctors to help us win your case? (Supportive doctor statements improve your chances)
  • What did Social Security’s doctors say about your case? (Negative reports from Social Security’s doctors decrease your chances)
  • What information will we need to combat what Social Security’s doctors have said about your case? What information is on your Work History form? (See our eBook Filing an Application for Social Security)

Once we have that information, we have a better sense of what your chances are, and we can start working on a plan to win your case. And there may be more issues in your case that are specific to your situation.

If you haven’t applied yet, and need some guidance on filing an application for Social Security disability benefits, you may be interested in downloading our free eBook for tips on filing an application for Social Security disability benefits.

Filing a Social Security Application


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