How to get medical care on your Colorado workers’ comp. claim when you move out of state

If you live in another state, and you have a Colorado claim, you may  still need medical care.

While it can be more difficult to obtain medical treatment and benefits when you are in another state, with some careful planning, it can be done.  Either you, or your attorney, should do the following :

1. Notify your adjuster in writing of your new address and phone number.

2. Before you move, find a doctor who is willing to treat you and who will accept what the Colorado fee schedule provides for payment for medical services.

3. Request authorization from the adjuster for out-of-state care with the doctor you have chosen to treat you, and tell the adjuster that the doctor will accept the Colorado fee schedule.  Occasionally, the adjuster will have a network of doctors in other states, and you will have to choose a treating physician from that network.

4. If your doctor states that you may  have a permanent impairment when you are released from care,  the adjuster should pay for you to return to Colorado to have a rating done.

If you are moving to an area where you have friends or family, ask around for the name of a good doctor.  It’s always a great place to start.

Managing out-of-state claims does take more planning and often  more effort with doctors who are not familiar with Colorado’s workers’ compensation system.

But out-of-state care may be very important to you if you are seriously injured and have moved out of state.

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