When should I report an injury that happened at work?

In Colorado, the law requires you to notify your employer of an injury within four days.

And you must notify them in writing.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • If you don’t report an injury within the four-day period, a judge can reduce some of your benefits.
  • The statute of limitations for most claims in Colorado is 2 years. This means that most claims must be filed with the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation within two (2) years of the injury.
  • The sooner you report your injury, the better.

Problems you may run into:

  1. Don’t believe your employer or insurance company if they tell you your claim is denied simply because you didn’t give the required notice within four days. You have a right to have your case decided by a judge, not the insurance company.
  2. Some supervisors or bosses don’t want to file an injury report because they think it will reflect poorly on them so they may suggest that you just wait a few days and see how you feel. Don’t do it – file a report.
  3. Your employer may or may not have a form for you to fill out. Even if they don’t, write out a short statement to turn it in to a manger. Keep a copy for your records.

There are many deadlines and exceptions to those deadlines in the Colorado workers’ compensation system. An experienced workers’ comp. attorney can help you figure out whether your claim was filed on time.

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