What is maximum medical improvement (MMI)?

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is when your medical condition is not expected to improve significantly. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are well, or totally fine. You may have remaining impairments from your injury. It just means that your doctor doesn’t expect any further improvement at this point.

MMI is an important milestone in your workers’ compensation case.

What happens when I reach MMI?

  • You will be given an impairment rating. You will undergo a special medical exam that will determine what your rating will be. The rating is a determination of what percent of loss you have sustained due to the injury.
  • If you want to dispute whether or not you have reached MMI, you can apply for an independent medical examination.
  • After you reach MMI you may be entitled to permanent disability benefits.
  • Typically, your insurance carrier will issue a Final Admission of Liability soon after you reach MMI.

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