Attorney’s Fees

We generally charge a percentage fee.

briefcase Attorney’s fees for almost all Workers’ Compensation, Social Security and Veterans’ Disability cases are based on a percentage of the money we get for you.

 Your first appointment with us is FREE. There is no up-front cost for us to discuss or take your case.

  •  Workers’ Compensation: fees are 20% of the benefits we get for you.
  •  Social Security: fees are 25% of the past-due benefits we get for you and your family, but are capped at $6,000.
  •  Veterans’ Disability: fees are 20% of any past-due benefits we get for you.

Will I have to pay anything other than attorney’s fees?

In addition to fees, which is what your attorney is paid for his time, you are responsible for paying out-of-pocket costs associated with your case.

Costs are often critical to winning your case. You don’t go into battle without ammunition, and you can’t fight the government or an insurance company without costs.

Examples of costs are:

  • medical evaluations,
  • written opinions from your doctor,
  • copies of medical records,
  • faxes, postage, and copies,
  • vocational reports,
  • depositions and expert medical testimony.

Our firm pays for these costs while we work on your case, essentially loaning this amount to you interest free. Typically, the costs do not have to be paid back until the conclusion of your case.