Children’s SSI Disability Benefits

Been denied by Social Security?
Feeling discouraged?
We can help.

We know that caring for a disabled child is difficult for you, and applying for children’s SSI is frustrating. childrens-ssiWe’re here to help you through this complicated process and get your child’s life back on track.

Success counts

We’ve won over 95% of our hearings and appeals. You can be confident that with us on your side, you have the best chance of winning your child’s Social Security case.
We’re that successful because we build a strong case for your hearing. And we don’t give up on you if we lose at hearing. We appeal most denials and win most of our appeals.

Let our experience work for you

Many positive comments from former clients speak volumes about our experience, dedication, and ability to get the job done right.

We have experience representing children with a variety of disabilities. And we truly care about your child and their case.

Whether your child has been denied benefits, or their benefits have been discontinued, it’s important for you to contact an attorney as quickly as possible to protect their rights.

Does my child qualify for SSI benefits?

In order to qualify, Social Security requires that the child:

  1. Isn’t earning substantial wages;
  2. Has a physical or mental (or combination) condition that produces “marked” limitations; and
  3. The condition(s) has lasted or will be expected to last at least a year.

Some children may have a condition that’s severe enough to meet a “listed” impairment.

But most children have to prove that they’re disabled because they’re significantly impaired from a functional standpoint.

We take Social Security cases at all stages of the process:

  • Denied Applications
  • Hearings
  • Continuing Disability Reviews
  • Appeals to the Appeals Council
  • Appeals to Federal Court